Competence Centers

HIFIS Competence Clusters

Cloud Services

The competence cluster "Cloud Services" aims to provide a federated Cloud platform with services for the whole scientific community and its partners on a broad level (more than selected large-scale projects). The federation preferentially compounds of existing solutions of the various service providers. A common abstraction layer allows an easy and consistent access for the user. The cloud platform will be gradually extended by innovative solutions.

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Backbone Services

The objectives of the HIFIS competence cluster "Backbone Services" are to provide a stable network infrastructure and jointly usable core services in order to meet the increasing demand for interconnection of research and the increasing volume of data in the Helmholtz Association (keyword "data treasure"). The network of the individual Helmholtz Centres is to be interconnected on the basis of a high bandwidth with mutual trust and increased overall security. It comprises a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which includes all centres, and a guaranteed level of quality. In particular, the network should enable the cross-centre use of scientific instruments and platforms and provide central basic services necessary for collaborative work. These basic services include, above all, uniform Identity & Access Management (IAM). The physical network and the basic services together form the prerequisites and foundation for a large number of higher-value services such as cloud services.

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Software Services

The "Software Services" Competence Cluster will train and support researchers in order to enable them to develop and publish software of appropriate quality that can be sustainably maintained and used. In addition, the re-use of existing software by researchers is promoted by providing tools for finding and using suitable software solutions, by providing contact persons and experts, and by providing support in building communities for concrete research software.

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