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Current Services in the Service Portfolio

Last update: 2021-10-18.

The Helmholtz Cloud Service Portfolio includes:

  • the Service Pipeline: includes all Services which passed the Exclusion criteria (asked for in the Application form) OR are part of the initial service portfolio - but have not yet been fully integrated into Helmholtz Cloud.
  • the Service Catalogue includes all services that are currently provided/ in operation. In the context of Helmholtz Cloud, the Service Catalogue is represented by the services offered in Helmholtz Cloud Portal (as “pilots” until the contract is signed by all Helmholtz centers)
  • the Retired services are the services which were once operated but aren’t anymore. In the context of Helmholtz Cloud, the retired Services are not visible in Helmholtz Cloud Portal anymore, but still exist as part of the service database (Plone) with the status “Retired”.
Service Pipeline Service Catalogue Retired Services
AWI Marketplace, AWI B2Share, Jülich
GitLab, GEOMAR bwSync&share (Nextcloud), KIT
GitLab, Jülich DESY Jupyter (JupyterHub), DESY
GitLab, KIT DESY Sync & Share (Nextcloud), DESY
GPU compute Service, HZDR GitLab, HZDR
JupyterHub, DKFZ HAICORE@FZJ, Jülich
Ocean & climate Sensor Management, AWI HIFIS Events (Indico), DESY
ODV, AWI HIFIS Helpdesk (Zammad), HZDR
OpenStack, DKFZ JSC Compute Projects, Jülich
OpenStack, Jülich (JuCloud) JSC Data Projects, Jülich
OpenStack, KIT Jupyter on HAICORE@KIT, KIT
Rancher managed Kubernetes, DESY Jupyter-JSC, Jülich
Redmine, HMGU LimeSurvey@DKFZ, DKFZ
Rocket.Chat, Jülich LimeSurvey@HMGU, HMGU
Rodare, HZDR Mattermost, HZDR
ShareLaTex, HZDR Notes@DESY (HedgeDoc), DESY
Singularity, KIT nubes (Nextcloud), HZB
Storage (HDF), DESY OpenStack (HDF Cloud), Jülich
Singularity JSC, Jülich
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