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HIFIS Software Services for You

The service portfolio of HIFIS Software is structured into 4 different components that seamlessly interoperate with each other: Education & Training, Technology, Consulting and Community Services.

Education & Training

In Education & Training we will offer courses, materials or workshops to help you in getting started or in boosting your software engineering practice. More...

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HIFIS Software will provide a sustainable, well integrated and easy to use technology infrastructure for scientific software development. You, as a researcher, shall be accompanied during the complete life cycle (from idea to publication) of your research software through technology services.

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The Consulting Services will provide concrete contact points for researchers in the event of questions and problems. In some cases, support can also be provided by on-site consultations. In the long-term, the goal is to establish the knowledge directly in the supported research groups.

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HIFIS Software will build and foster communities to support the necessary cultural change in science when dealing with research software. We will build and run an exchange network between the Helmholtz centers and will also provide guidance on how to build communities of practice.

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