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HIFIS News - Overview


HIFIS annual meeting (Online)

Save the date! On 21.-22. October 2020, we are going to hold our second all-HIFIS meeting. We invite you to foster topics you would like to be discussed in HIFIS context. If you would like to have a certain topic discussed - especially if you are not from HIFIS and/or a non-HIFIS Helmholtz centre - contact us and tell us your idea. We will approach you and try to optimally address your thoughts in corresponding discussion sessions. Stay tuned for updates on details and agenda!

HIFIS Pages and Helpdesk launched

Homepage and Documentation

The HIFIS homepage as well as the HIFIS Documentation have been restructured and relaunched.

The new workflow uses best-practices continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflow to streamline collaborative contribution to the homepage and the documentation.


Start of Helmholtz VPN

Coordinated by DESY, HIFIS fostered a service agreement with the German National Research and Education Network (DFN) on operating a a Helmholtz-wide Virtual Private Network (Helmholtz Backbone). The VPN shall cover the majority of Helmholtz centres.


Last steps towards initial service portfolio

Starting with over 100 services as candidates for the upcoming Helmholtz Cloud, we had to define transparent and objective criteria to make the services comparable. We established a service selection process consisting of three iterations to shrink the service candidate list to a handable size. Now we are conducting the 3rd and last iteration of the service selection in which each remaining service is documented with detailed information. Using this information the final score of each service can be calculated. The score will give priority on which services will be integrated into Helmholtz Cloud first.


Project Calls for HIP and HMC

Two of our fellow Helmholtz Incubator platforms (HMC and HIP) recently announced their project calls. Make sure to not miss the respective deadlines in September and October!


Super-fast AI Computing System for HAICORE

A super-fast computer system dedicated to Helmholtz artificial intelligence (AI) research has been installed at KIT. This is the first location in Europe to put the InfiniBand connected NVIDIA DGX A100 AI system into operation, funded from the Helmholtz AI Computing Resources Initiative (HAICORE). Common access to these capacities is established using the AAI service offered by HIFIS.