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Service Canvas now available in Plony!


Service Canvas now available in Plony!

At the end of April, the Service Canvas in Plony was moved to our production system

We are happy to announce that the Service Canvas is now available in Plony!

A Short recapture of the Onboarding Process:

  • In order to hand in a Service Application a Service Provider first needs to fill out the Application Form in Plony, thus giving some basic information on the service to check whether a service fulfills the required exclusion criteria (see service selection criteria list).
  • If the service fulfills all requirements, it joins the Helmholtz Cloud Service Portfolio. To drive the Service Onboarding, more detailed information about service is required which is collected via the Service Canvas.
    • Please remark that the service information collected in Plony are not public. Only dedicated information are transferred to Helmholtz Cloud Portal and therefore visible in public.
  • The Service Canvas includes weighting criteria which determine the service’s rank in the Service Integration list – the services with the highest rank will be integrated first.
    • The Service Integration Team will get back to the Service Provider as soon as the Service (Canvas) Information was checked.

Features of Service Application and Service Canvas Form in Plony:

  • Connected to Helmholtz AAI – simply Login with credentials of home institution
  • Flexible in use – one can start filling the Service Canvas, save it and continue at any time without losing information already typed in
  • Guiding through mandatory fields – validation functionality allows to check whether all mandatory fields are filled out

Features of Service Canvas specifically:

  • Automated score calculation – Plony calculates the score earned through weighting criteria automatically and shows the results for each service after having sent the Service Canvas to HIFIS
  • Transparency in every status – using the overview “My Services” the Service Provider can see their services sorted by status. To improve transparency about services within a particular Helmholtz center, all services are visible that were handed in by colleagues from the same Helmholtz center.

For the Services which are part of the Service Portfolio and which are not yet listed in Plony, we will soon transfer the collected Service Information to Plony to have all Service Information in one place.

The next step to have a fully integrated Onboarding Process in Plony is already ahead!

The HIFIS Cloud team is implementing the interface to Helmholtz Cloud Portal next – as soon as this is done, the whole Onboarding Process is built in Plony. Service Information can then be managed in Plony, even during Service Operation.