Guidelines for Online Collaboration

2020 Apr 23 (Updated)

The optimal use of online collaboration tools is prerequisite for successful research and especially in times of social distancing. We provide guidelines and helping information for video conferencing and chatting.


HIFIS Software workshops in 2020

2020 Apr 15

Several different software development trainings will be offered to researchers.

  • “Software Carpentry” workshops introduce scientists to use- and powerful tools: Shell, Python and R for effective and reproducible scientific programming, and Git for version controlling your projects.

  • “Bring Your Own Script” workshops (like on May 12th and 13th) will help you to make your code publication-ready: Regardless of your preferred programming language, we will advise you on all aspects of making your research software (re)usable for others, e.g. how to add a license.

  • “GitLab for Software Development in Teams” introduces advanced GitLab features: GitLab’s project management, collaboration and automation features will help software development teams to improve software quality and speed up their release cycles. Join us on June 9th and 10th!

The HIFIS Software events page provides your with more details and keeps you updated about future events. More specialized events outside this core curriculum — like an Introduction to Snakemake — are being planned, so best keep an eye on that page!


HIFIS support for Folding@Home and research on SARS-CoV-2

2020 Apr 09

The Helmholtz platform HIFIS, the HZDR and the Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS) support the world-wide project Folding@Home in developing an antibody based therapy to prevent a respiratory infection by the virus. For this, a significant portion of the high performance computing capacity is provided to assist in computing protein structures of the Corona virus. The detailed knowledge of such structures is decisive to develop a successful therapy. In a coordinated effort with the computing center of the Helmholtz centre Dresden-Rossendorf, free resources of the CASUS high performance computer and the HZDR high performance compter "Hemera" are being combined.


Computer resources of KIT support distributed protein computing projects

2020 Apr 08

Since end of March, the Grid Computing Centre Karlsruhe and the HPC systems of KIT support the distributed computing projects Folding@Home and Rosetta@home, helping to improve the understanding of proteins, including those of SARS-CoV-2.


JSC: HPC support for COVID-19 research

2020 Mar 13

The Jülich Supercomputing Center (JSC) offers computing time and support on its HPC facilities for research on the COVID-19 virus.