September 2022

HIFIS Overall

HIFIS Review

After a bit more than three years of initial phase, the progress and further perspectives of HIFIS will be reviewed. Earlier in 2022, potential perspectives will be proposed and formulated in a pre-review report. End of September, the main review meeting will take place at DESY.

Software Services

Empower CI/CD #2 - GitLab CI as a Service with at least 3 more partners

The GitLab CI as a Service offer is planned to be expanded to at least 3 more partners within the Helmholtz association.

October 2022

Backbone Services

AAI: Foster automated deprovisioning information query from IdPs

During 2021, the framework to automatically request user deprovisioning information from IdPs via attribute query has been principally set up for the central AAI (development) instance and a small set of Helmholtz IdPs. During 2022, the task is to remove remaining inconsistencies and set up the productive deprovisioning process for all IdPs, at least with the already implemented fallback of manual user based confirmation of active accounts.

Cloud Services

The draft of the GDPR agreement is submitted to the Helmholtz Assembly of Members

In close cooperation with the data protection officers of the Helmholtz Association, we have developed a joint controller agreement that covers the Helmholtz Cloud core components that operate the cloud.

November 2022

Backbone Services

Helmholtz Backbone Network: Usage Policies

For 2022, a set of policy rules, regulating the basic participation conditions of the Helmholtz Backbone network, shall be worked out and put into action for the participants.

Software Services

Empower CI/CD #3 - Support Windows in GitLab CI

So far the Helmholtz Codebase service does not support the Windows operating system for executing jobs. As part of this milestone the Helmholtz Codebase service will support the Windows operating system to run CI jobs.

Scale with rising usage figures through advanced maintenance automation

As part of this milestone it should be possible to

  • test the core functionality of the Helmholtz Codebase service automatically,
  • automatically setup a test infrastructure via OpenStack.

December 2022

Software Services

Improving KPIs for Consultation

In 2021 the proposed goal of introducing a post-consulting survey for KPI-measurement was achieved by the Consulting work package. Therefore, this year the work package will focus on improving the KPIs by analysing software projects of clients, measure potential improvements and the long-term effects after a HIFIS consultation.