December 2022

Software Services

Improving KPIs for Consultation

In 2021 the proposed goal of introducing a post-consulting survey for KPI-measurement was achieved by the Consulting work package. Therefore, this year the work package will focus on improving the KPIs by analysing software projects of clients, measure potential improvements and the long-term effects after a HIFIS consultation.


February 2023

HIFIS Overall

Based on evaluation: Define further developments

Following the overall very positive HIFIS evaluation results received end of 2022 and in line with our ongoing annual reporting, we will define the short- and mid-term steps to focus on during 2023 and parts of 2024.

September 2023

HIFIS Overall

Elaborate on long-term plans

During HIFIS evaluation, we were given advise to elaborate on some of the extended future plans of HIFIS, to be put in place from 2025 onwards. These further details are planned to be worked out until fall 2023.