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Cloud Services & Portfolio


Helmholtz Cloud is a federated cloud platform and offers services to all Helmholtz centres and the entire scientific community and partners. The cloud service portfolio primarily consists of existing heterogeneous solutions of the different centres (providers) and, where possible and reasonable, establishes a “meta-level” over these.

The provision of Helmholtz Cloud Services requires technical and organisational frameworks to open up a broad portfolio of services to all users.

Helmholtz Cloud Service Portfolio

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The initial Service Selection Process has been worked out to efficiently identify the services which fulfill the selection criteria best and which should consequently be integrated into Helmholtz cloud first.

At the end of this process, 38 Helmholtz Cloud Services offered by nine Helmholtz Centers were selected. Considering that some services are provided by several centers, the initial service portfolio includes 21 different services.

More than eight of them are already available on the Helmholtz Cloud Portal.

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Upcoming Services

The portfolio is continuously being updated. The current status can be found here.

Next upcoming services will presumably be:

  • Events Management platform by DESY (already usable via direct link
  • LimeSurvey by HMGU
  • Storage (HDF) by DESY
  • Rancher managed Kubernetes by DESY
  • JupyterHub by DESY


Further information

Helmholtz Cloud Portal (Beta): Browse our current cloud services.

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