Chemotion ELN - an open source Electronic Lab Notebook for Chemistry

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Electronic Lab Notebook Chemistry FAIR Data Experimental Sciences

Research field


Scientific community

Organic Chemistry


  • KIT
  • DFG
  • State of Baden-Württemberg

Programming Languages

Ruby, JavaScript, ReactJS







Chemotion ELN - Electronic Laboratory Notebook & Repository for Research Data

Chemotion ELN is an Open Source electronic lab notebook (ELN) for scientists working in chemistry and colleagues from neighboring disciplines, developed and updated at KIT. The web-based application allows the acquisition, management, storage, processing, and sharing of research data. The ELN provides access to various functions, helper tools, and external sources of information that facilitate the work with data and their analysis. In addition, chemotion allows one of the most important improvements regarding sustainable scientific work: It supports chemistry researchers in academia to build their digital information databases as a prerequisite for the detailed, systematic investigation and evaluation of chemical reactions, chemical compounds, and related data.

The graphical user interface of Chemotion ELN The screenshot shows an exemplary graphical user interface of Chemotion ELN.

The software was built to offer a digitalization strategy for experimental sciences, contributing to the enhancement of FAIR and open data wherever possible. Therefore, the ELN includes concepts to transfer data and metadata from the instruments used for the experiments, and it offers interfaces to transfer information to repositories for research data. The interoperable transfer of research data is realized with the open access repository chemotion. Taken together, the chemotion systems offer a comprehensive research infrastructure for FAIR data management in chemistry, from the acquisition of data to their publication.

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Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) & Repository for Research Data (link to Youtube)

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