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Workshop - First Steps in Python

This is the write-up for a workshop as a general introduction to programming in Python. The content is divided into episodes and exercises.


This workshop is intended for learners who have no prior experience in Python or programming in general.



The content is split into thematic episodes which are ordered along a story arc. Each episode contains a code checkpoint at the end to help learners to get back on track if they get lost or something went wrong when experimenting around.


The workshop features some beginner-friendly tasks starting as very small warm-up exercises and then guide towards building more complex programs. There are no official solutions. A task counts as solved, when a give program adheres to all specifications made by the task. If you would like to receive guidance on solving these tasks or a review of your solutions please reach out via the contact given below and we will be happy to help you along.


Additional materials that are more formal and factual and did not directly fit into the course but are Good to know can be found in the resources section. They are sorted loosely by topic to collect the most fundamental information that beginners tend to look up the most.


For any inquiries about this workshop please contact the HIFIS support