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The Software Policy Template


In a joint effort of the Task Group Research Software within the scope of Helmholtz Open Science a software policy template1 was created and published. This model policy should serve as a guideline and reusable template for the creation of regulations for a sustainable use and development of research software in the individual Helmholtz centers. The template is accompanied by a position paper2 providing recommendations for the implementation of these guidelines for the treatment of research software at the Helmholtz centers.

How Do These Guidelines Help Me as a Researcher?

The processing of research data and the acquisition of scientific knowledge require the development and use of high-quality and sustainable software solutions.

It is clear that the verifiability and reproducibility of scientific results can only be guaranteed if research software is treated under defined conditions.

Such software is to be considered a central and independent scientific product. It needs to be handled according to similar high-level standards that is already applied for other scientific methods.

The software policy template is here to help your research center to define standards, guidelines, best practices as well as affirmative actions to give sustainable research software development the significance it deserves. At the same time it supports you by defining guidelines and rules that you can rely upon. It also aids in promoting the use of software development best practices by providing you with the appreciation you deserve.

How Will HIFIS Support the Implementation of This Template?

HIFIS will provide practical information for you, as a researcher, on how to implement the requirements in your research projects. At the same time, the educational program will also be aligned with the requirements defined in this template. HIFIS would also be happy to guide the individual centers in transforming the template into local guidelines.

Referenced Documents

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  2. The position paper “Recommendations for the Implementation of Guidelines for the Treatment of Research Software at the Helmholtz Centres”; 10.2312/os.helmholtz.008 (currently only available in German)