November 2023

Backbone Services

AAI: Robot accounts, group accounts

Group Accounts and Robot Accounts are not yet fully supported by DFN AAI and thus Helmholtz AAI. As such accounts are envisioned to play an increasing role in the Helmholtz AAI and Helmholtz Cloud, HIFIS will foster to establish an AARC guideline to fully support such accounts. In parallel, HIFIS will provide first conceptually compatible implementations so that ongoing use cases can be supported soon.

Software Services

Helmholtz Software Award

For the first time, an award for high-quality research software will be granted in Helmholtz.

Backbone Services

AAI: Policy Review Process (close collaboration with Cloud Cluster)

With experiences made during the annual housekeeping, user deprovisioning, adoption of new use cases (for example, including robot accounts), and updates in the upstream AARC guidelines (SIRTFI-v2, REFEDS Assurance Framework V2), the AAI policies may need regular updates. This and yet to be defined elements will be part of the policy review process that is due to be defined. As this strongly related to similar review activities of the HIFIS Cloud cluster for the Helmholtz Cloud services, there will be a close collaboration between clusters on this.

Software Services

Improve software quality to uphold policy standards

Best practice workflows are to be defined on the basis of the guidelines for the sustainable handling of research software that are currently being established at Helmholtz. These can be used to check compliance with certain criteria as automatically as possible and to award software quality badges for research software. Initial work in this area is expected to be ready for presentation towards the end of 2023.

December 2023

Software Services

Empower CI/CD part two

New functionalities will be enabled by a closer connection of the services Helmholtz Codebase and Mattermost with the Helmholtz Cloud Portal. This will, for instance, add support for VOs or allow the automatic deprovisioning of users.