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HIFIS Pages and Helpdesk launched


Homepage and Documentation

The HIFIS homepage as well as the HIFIS Documentation have been restructured and relaunched.

The new workflow uses best-practices continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflow to streamline collaborative contribution to the homepage and the documentation. The workflows are based on Jekyll and MkDocs.

The corresponding repositories are hosted in Gitlab at HZDR and are publicly accessible. You can find them here for the HIFIS homepage and here for the HIFIS Documentation.

HIFIS Helpdesk

Along with the relaunch of the homepage, the new HIFIS-wide helpdesk has started, accessible via direct link and/or directly via email at

With this, you can contact the HIFIS team through a unique and reliable communication channel.

Newsletters and News Feed

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To stay updated on general HIFIS news, you are further invited to check out our RSS news feed - besides, of course, regularly checking our website and News Section!

Comments or Suggestions?

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