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Selected Services for Initial Helmholtz Cloud Service Portfolio


The selection process for the initial Helmholtz Cloud service portfolio has been successfully completed.

At the end of this process, 38 services offered by nine Helmholtz Centers were selected. Considering that some services are provided by several centers, the initial service portfolio includes 21 different services.

The Initial Service Portfolio

In summary, the following services form the initial service portfolio of the Helmholtz Cloud:

Services Service Provider Main Service Category
OpenStack Jülich, Jülich (HDF), KIT, DKFZ Infrastructure Service
Storage (HDF) Jülich, DESY Infrastructure Service
HAICORE (HAICU, HIP) KIT, Jülich Infrastructure Service
Singularity KIT, Jülich Infrastructure Service
Docker DESY Infrastructure Service
GPU Compute Service Jülich, HZDR Infrastructure Service
AWI Marketplace AWI Infrastructure Service
GitLab HZDR, KIT, Jülich, GEOMAR      Science/Community Service
JupyterHub Jülich, DESY, DKFZ, HMGU Science/Community Service
B2Share (Invenio) Jülich Science/Community Service
JupyterHub Notebooks on HPC KIT Science/Community Service
ODV AWI Science/Community Service
RODARE HZDR Science/Community Service
Ocean and Climate Sensor Management      AWI Science/Community Service
Rocket.Chat Jülich Collaboration Service
Zammad HZDR Collaboration Service
Mattermost HZDR Collaboration Service
Nextcloud (OnlyOffice) KIT, HZB, DESY Collaboration Service
LimeSurvey HMGU, DKFZ Collaboration Service
Redmine HZDR, HMGU Collaboration Service
ShareLaTex HZDR Collaboration Service

Service integration of the initial service portfolio

The points obtained in the service selection process determine the ranking for service integration. The ranking roughly reflects the time required by the service providers as necessary preparation time (service readiness) for the services. A short preparation time was weighted comparatively high in the initial service portfolio; this weighting will be adjusted in future service selections.

The next step is to establish a roadmap for the service integration. Our goal is to have the first services available on the Technical Platform (pilot version) by the end of the year.

Further development of the service portfolio

In parallel to the integration of the initial service portfolio, those services that have achieved a lower score in the service selection process will be reassessed. The reason for low scores was often that services require a time-consuming preparation before they can be offered in the Helmholtz Cloud. In some cases, not all necessary information about the services were available, or internal processes within the center delayed a short-term provision.

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