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Helmholtz AAI Policies finalised


Policies for Helmholtz AAI

The policies for the Helmholtz Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) have been finalised and approved by the HIFIS Coordination Board. They apply for every participant using the Helmholtz AAI.

The structure of the policies was aligned with the AARC Policy Development Kit, so that the policies are compatible with major infrastructures, such as WLCG and EOSC.

All policies and How-to are documented in the HIFIS/Helmholtz AAI Technical documentation at

Brief overview

Specific policies are provided for different types of participants:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Infrastructure Security Contact
  • Identity Provider
  • Virtual Organisation (VO) Management
  • SP-IdP Proxy
  • Service Providers
  • End users

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