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Helmholtz GitLab Available


Helmholtz GitLab available

The HIFIS Software team is happy to announce the general availability of the Helmholtz GitLab which can be used free-of-charge by anybody within Helmholtz and their partners. It is hosted by HIFIS Software entirely on HZDR servers, jointly created by UFZ and HZDR.
With the general availability of the Helmholtz Cloud, the service will be available as a fully integrated Hemholtz Cloud Service and will follow the given regulations.

How to access?

Visit and login via the Helmholtz AAI. Your account will automatically be provisioned.

What do I get?

The service is running the Open Source version of GitLab. It allows you to

Want to get started with Git and GitLab? Follow this link for a quick-start introduction.

Technical Details

We aim to be as open and transparent as possible while hosting the service. Therefore, we decided to manage the service via Ansible and to make the source code generally available. Thus, we allow you to reproduce, validate and understand the deployment of the service via this project together with the published Ansible roles.

In-depth Software Consulting

HIFIS Software offers free-of-charge workshops and consulting to research groups within the Helmholtz umbrella. You can read more about what we offer on our services page. If you work within the Helmholtz Association, and think that something like this would be useful to you, fill in our consultation request form.