Helmholtz AAI Update in the context of AARC, EOSC, NFDI


Update on Helmholtz AAI

See here for an updated presentation on the role of Helmholtz AAI in the context of AARC, EOSC, and NFDI.


With this, you’ll be able to

  • Understand what AAI can do
    • Including the VO Concept
  • Understand what AAI can not do
  • Understand the general architecture
    • EOSC AAI
    • Helmholtz AAI
    • Your AAI


  • Do not build your own AAI!
    • you are likely to repeat stone, bronze, and iron-age
  • Some communities are already organised
    • i.e. they run their own community AAI (which is fine)
  • Users always live in the context of their community AAI
    • Makes it difficult to cooperate across community borders
  • But: Users can be members of multiple communities