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March 2024

Dear HIFIS Community and Friends,

You are probably familiar with many of our highly demanded collaborative Helmholtz Cloud Services? If not, try them out and advise your colleagues to do the same! During the last year however, we managed to onboard several services with somewhat more specific scientific purpose, such as, for example, the Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS). Read here and in the subsequent newsletters to find out more about them, as any of them might be the perfectly fitting tool for your scientific workflow!

On top, our team has made significant improvements to our cloud services, such as the Research Software Directory (RSD), which includes some nice new features. Also take a look at our achievements to orchestrate Helmholtz Cloud services like Rancher Kubernetes for the sake of realising use cases together with scientific user groups.

We are happy to introduce our software engineering education program for 2024: This program is designed to foster a deeper understanding of good software engineering principles and practices for participants from all Helmholtz centers.

You might have heard of the security incident at HZB last year. We provide a sneak peek into some of the details and how HIFIS assisted HZB in the aftermath.

Also stay informed on the latest happenings from other platforms!

Last but definitely not least, mark your calendars for the upcoming HIFIS annual meeting in September at DLR, Cologne, an event open to all interested individuals from Helmholtz and partners. We look forward to seeing you there!

Enjoy reading and using our HIFIS services! Make sure you spread the word and subscribe to our newsletter.

The HIFIS Team


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News from HIFIS
Illustration of encryption

REMS unveiled: a Helmholtz cloud service to manage access rights

While some services in the Helmholtz Cloud are widely known, such as GitLab or Jupyter, others remain hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Meet REMS — a very useful tool for handling access rights to all kinds of resources. Looking for a way to streamline the many access requests you receive for your data or samples? Take a closer look, it might be just what you’re looking for.

Read more…


HIDA course catalog homepage

Want to improve your scientific software skills in 2024?

Our research software engineering tutors offer a wide range of training courses tailored for scientists, and the list for 2024 is now live. These are online courses, limited to just 25 participants for personal attention, run over 2-3 days and cover essential topics such as data processing, git, Python, and more.

Read more…


Road ahead

Firsthand insight into the HZB cyberattack

Nine months after HZB was victim of a cyberattack, Andreas tells us the story of what happened and how HIFIS could help right from the beginning.

Read more…


Minimal workflow pipeline

Service orchestration: sets the tune

A year ago in this newsletter we mentioned how we felt the growing number of Helmholtz Cloud services had to be followed by a simpler orchestration of these services to enable scientific workflows. We wanted to make this task more visible in, so it is now included as a specific offer in the Cloud services portfolio.

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NEST logo

An Infrastructure as a Service use case with the NEST Desktop

NEST is used in computational neuroscience to model and study the behaviour of large networks of neurons. It is co-developed by our colleagues at Jülich and is listed as one of the Software spotlights in the Research Software Directory. We mentioned it in our last issue of the HIFIS newsletter, and now you can take a closer look at how NEST uses the Helmholtz Cloud’s Rancher service to provide an additional online service for using NEST worldwide and without installation.

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Proud coder illustration

Another round of fresh features for the RSD

The Helmholtz Research Software Directory keeps evolving, thanks to new features offered by the original project but also to match the needs of our HIFIS community. Among the latest enhancements, the directory now automatically updates mention counts whenever a reference paper receives a citation! The software spotlights which were previously showcased in are also now prominently featured there.

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HMC logo

HIFIS at the HMC dialogue

In January, we had a good opportunity to present HIFIS and to discuss ideas for more synergies with HMC. The orchestration of distributed services was of particular interest to our HMC colleagues, as there is potential for HIFIS to e.g. improve the provenance information of processed datasets. Measuring and publishing the energy consumption of cloud services was also a topic that we will follow up.

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News from the Helmholtz Incubator
HIDA lecture series on AI

HIDA Lecture: Hate speech & AI

Can AI strike the balance between censorship and innovation in tackling HateSpeech? Join Bert Heinrichs from the University of Bonn and the Forschungszentrum Jülich as he delves into the complexities of this topic.

Register now for the lecture on 18th April at 11 am!


Helmholtz Imaging 2024 announcement

Helmholtz Imaging Conference 2024: Registration & Call for Abstracts

Join the 4th Helmholtz Imaging Conference on 14-15 May in Heidelberg - open to all scientists, tailored for imaging researchers.

Experience keynotes, a poster session, match-making opportunities for the next HI Project call & more! Showcase your work, network & stay updated on imaging trends. NEW: “BYOIC - Bring Your Own Imaging Challenge” session.

Register, share your challenge & submit your abstract today!


Helmholtz Imaging metrics papers teaser

Advancing Image Analysis Validation: A Comprehensive Approach in Two Pioneering Publications

Validating metrics is crucial for bridging the gap between AI research and real-world applications, but often, metrics are chosen poorly. Two recent sister publications offer valuable insights into the challenges and solutions surrounding validation metrics in image analysis.

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