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HIFIS for IT Support Experts


If you work in local IT support in a Helmholtz Centre, find information here on how HIFIS can assist you to give advise to your clients.

What HIFIS can do for IT supporters

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  1. We provide a multitude of cloud services for Helmholtz. That is, several services are already provided ready-to-use by selected centres for the Helmholtz Association, others are bound to specific usage conditions, and further services may be in the pipeline or can be requested.

    The provided services comprise collaboration tools, compute and storage services, and more. See this overview for general explanations, and, most importantly, the Helmholtz Cloud Portal for a full overview on services, service descriptions and usage conditions.

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  1. We provide training and courses on techniques for research software engineering, e.g. on programming languages, best practices, distributed service usage.

  2. We give consulting on complex questions related to software projects.

  3. We provide learning materials and guidelines, e.g. on (Research) Software Engineering.

For any questions, queries and comments on any of the abovementioned points and services, you and your users are invited to contact us anytime via our contact form or equivalently via

What we can not do

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In general, we are not entitled to assist with any problems or issues that can and should be solved locally, i.e. within one centre or institute. For example:

  • Local software problems or local network problems,
  • Any issues arising in your local computing centre,
  • Information on IT problems, software, codes, etc. that are not in our portfolio,
  • Issues and questions about internal processes and regulations, and
  • Comparable issues...