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HIFIS for Scientists


HIFIS supports scientific projects with IT resources, services, consulting and expertise from the collection, storage, linking and analysis of research data to the publication of the results. Particular focus is placed on the topic of research software development.

Poster Element 1: We are starting a scientific Project. Can you help us?

Set up and plan your projects

HIFIS provides a multitude of Helmholtz Cloud Services that are extremely useful to set up the collaboration environment with your scientific partners.

For starters, these services include versatile tools for document sharing, collaborative editing, event management, chat, survey creation and analysis, as well as project management.

The complete list and all further information can be found at the Helmholtz Cloud Portal.

Poster Element 2: Data gathering, processing, testing. That's how you automate testing.

Data gathering, processing and testing

Collect and process your data with HIFIS provided Compute and Storage Ressources. HIFIS sustainably protects sensitive data by storing and processing all data in Helmholtz-owned data centres. Test and automate your workflows using best practices in Continuous Integration and Deployment, in order to increase reliability and development speed.

Have a look at our tutorials on our Learning Materials on best-practices of Software Engineering. Further, you are invited to check out our HIFIS Education & Training programme, aiming at employees who are looking for further trainings in the field of research software development. Both entry-level and advanced courses are available.

Poster Element 3: Data consolidation: Sustainability. We support you with courses, consulting and collaboration tools.

Consolidation of your Research

Today, there is hardly a scientific project that can be done without the support of scientific software. Be it software packages developed in-house or third-party applications which are used for the acquisition of scientific knowledge: The quality, traceability, and reproducibility of research depend to a large extent on those software packages. HIFIS therefore supports research software development with a wide range of services.

HIFIS Consulting is an individual and free offer for all researchers of the Helmholtz Association. We will help you with a broad range of topics around research software engineering, open source, or questions about the implementation of new or existing software projects.

Poster Element 4: Data Re-use. We help you to transfer your results.

Publication and Re-use

HIFIS provides a services for sustainably making the results of your research data accessible. This includes a Cloud Service for Publishing Research Data and Metadata , with DOI/PID indexing, as well as a (yet prototypic) Storage Service. Our Consulting Service can help you with questions on licensing and re-use of your software projects.

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