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HIFIS Software will build and foster communities to support the necessary cultural change in science when dealing with research software. We will build and run an exchange network between the Helmholtz centers and will also provide guidance on how to build communities of practice.

HIFIS Community Services

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Helmholtz Hacky Hour

The Helmholtz Hacky Hour is a bi-weekly community meeting for researchers, research software engineers and software developers within science. It is intended to discuss and learn about different topics in the context of research software development. During the session, you will meet Helmholtz researchers from different fields and have the opportunity to present your favorite tools and techniques. You are warmly invited to join, share your experience or discuss your question on a certain topic. An overview about past sessions and upcoming topics can be found in our pad. We are looking forward to seeing you!

16. Jun. 21 Hacky-hour Online

Helmholtz Hacky Hour #30

Working effectively with bad or old code When the code is older than the programmer and your research depends on a cryptic combination of characters… Find out more

30. Jun. 21 Hacky-hour Online

Helmholtz Hacky Hour #31

When to parallelize your software It is running for three hours while only doing simple calculations... Find out more

14. Jul. 21 Hacky-hour Online

Helmholtz Hacky Hour #32

Tools for handling (parametric) 3D-models Plotting in 2D is nice, but sometimes it is simply not enough. Find out more

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Helmholtz Research Software Directory

As software becomes more and more important within research, the more we see the need for a RSD (Research Software Directory). A RSD is a catalogue for research software. This is based on the facts that software can be infinitely reusable within multiple different projects and currently almost no easy way of finding other researchers software exists. We have plans to establish a Helmholtz-wide RSD to support the findability and reusability. Therefore we are evaluating the reuse of the dutch RSD for our purposes.

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Society of Research Software Engineering

As part of our community activities we are also active within the global RSE community. We share their vision of giving software a more dominant role within research and establishing research software as essential outcome of research activities. As part of our common activities, we participate regularly in community meetings or calls and co-organise RSE related events. So far we contributed to the following conferences:

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