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Helmholtz AAI login to Helmholtz Cloud Services


Easy login via your username at your home institute with the Helmholtz AAI

Click-by-Click Tutorial

Like for all HIFIS and Helmholtz Cloud Services, you can use your home institution’s login to use the service seamlessly. This is managed via the Helmholtz AAI (Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure).

Open the service — in this example the HIFIS Event Management Platform — in your browser. Do so by locating it in the Helmholtz Cloud Portal and clicking on “Go to service”, or direct access in the browser via

Cloud portal link to service

Click on Login at the top right.

Login button on

In some cases, you need to additionally click on Helmholtz AAI. This step is mostly skipped.

Keycloak login page, click on Helmholtz AAI

Select your home institution, i.e. the institution where you already have your home account. You can scroll down or use filtering, e.g. helmholtz or desy. The example is about DESY. You have to find your own Helmholtz Centre or institution.

Choice of institutions in Unity

Can’t find your institution or it is not supported? As a fallback, a login from ORCID, Github or Google can be performed. Select it accordingly.

Choice of institutions in Unity

Provide your username, passphrase of your home institution. There is no new password or username required.

Login at home IdP

Accept data transmissions from your home institution’s identity provider (IdP) to Helmholtz AAI, and further to

Consent collection

Register at Helmholtz AAI, if you log in the first time.

  • Click on Register.
  • Please check your name and mail address.
  • Read and accept the AAI usage policies.
    You may choose to remember your decision, so you won’t be bothered again.
    If you later decide otherwise, you can revoke consent and delete stored data here.
  • Click on Submit.

Unity Registration

Continue with normal log-in and enjoy access to the Helmholtz Cloud Service(s)!

Successfully logged in to

Having problems with login to a Cloud Service?

If you have persisting problems, please contact us at, providing:

  • The exact service (and possibly sub-page) you want to access,
  • The exact error your receive,
  • The URL / address of the error page,
  • The time point of your (failed) login attempt.


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