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Advanced Tasks

Finally, let’s consider more intricate questions about our data set.


  1. Calculate the differences in air temperature from one hour to the next.
  2. Find the biggest rise/ drop in temperature over an hour and when they happened.
  3. Extrapolate daily statistics for all columns from the hourly ones.
  4. Come up with a metric for a “nice day” and an “awful day”. What were the most nice or awful days in your location?
  5. High difficulty! Find out what the most common wind directions in your location are. Note that wind directions can be rather fuzzy values, so you might want to come with a better metric here than simply calculating the most common value. They are given in increments of 10°. Be aware, the wind direction wraps around after 350 to 0 after the adaptations we made when cleaning the data. The approach needed here is called a circular mean, which is somewhat tricky to understand and compute. But maybe someone knows a good approach…
Hints for Solving the Task

If you are seriously stuck, you can take a look at the solution hints.