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➀ Creating an Event Page

Getting started

Events can be of certain types. You can switch the event type any time after the event creation.


If the new event type has less features, than the old one, the missing features get deactivated and the according configuration are stored in the background.

Available Event types

  • Lectures

    can be seen as a single session, with one or more speakers

  • Meetings

    are usually composed of multiple sessions. They have a timetable. Contributions (talks) and can be organized in sessions

  • Conferences

    generally last multiple days and have the advantage over meetings of allowing multiple sessions to happen in parallel. They also offer flexible abstract and paper reviewing/editing workflows

Indico type

All of these meeting types offer a set of common features, such as:

  • Registration
  • Management of participants
  • Surveys
  • Integration with collaborative tools
  • Event reminders
Lecture Meeting Conference
Indico Lecture Menu Indico Meeting Menu Indico Conference Menu

We recommend to use the Conference type as default.


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Event page

The event page is the landing page for the event and should hold all needed informations. It is managed under Settings. The following information should be included:

  • Title
  • Desciption
    • General Information
    • Workshop Content
    • Registration
    • Preparations
  • Schedule
  • Contact
  • Keywords

    Keywords can be added by typing into the appropriate input field and pressing , to separate keywords.

  • Labels

Indico Edit Mode


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