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Helmholtz Cloud and Cloud Portal (beta) online


Helmholtz Cloud (beta)

The first Helmholtz Cloud services have been published and are accessible via the new Cloud Portal. Check out the new services!

Our Services cover many popular software solutions:

  • Gitlab DevOps platform
  • JupyterHub Server for Jupyter Notebooks
  • Mattermost Chat Service
  • Nextcloud Sync&Share Platform
  • OpenStack Cloud Computing Platform
  • Zammad Ticketing System

Further services are being integrated continuously.

Note that this is a preliminary/pilot version of the Helmholtz Cloud and Cloud Portal. Be also aware that not all services are accessible to all users; please check service details.

Access using Helmholtz AAI

Users from almost all Helmholtz centres can use these services by logging in with their home institution’s username and passphrase. This is achieved based on the Helmholtz Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) established in 2020.

Once logged in to one service, you may notice that you will gain immediate access to some of the other services without repeated login. Welcome to Single-Sign On (SSO), another feature of Helmholtz AAI!

Non-Helmholtz users

Helmholtz AAI supports authentication using a “social” account. Currently, ORCID, Google and GitHub are supported. This allows non-Helmholtz users to use our services.

Non-Helmholtz users cannot use Helmholtz services automatically. They need to be authorised to use a service by joining a Virtual Organization (VO). As a Helmholtz employee, you may request a VO and invite the other participants to join. Once your VO has been established, you will need to negotiate with service providers to support your VO. Please check the Guideline for VO Administrators on how to do this.

Service selection and further integration

The provided services are part of the Initial Service Portfolio that had been announced earlier.

More services will be integrated soon! To not miss any updates on this and other HIFIS progress:

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