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HIFIS for Research Software Engineers


HIFIS supports Research Software Engineering with Education & Training, Consulting, Platform and Community Services.

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Education & Training

We offer courses, materials, and workshops to help you in getting started, or to boost your engineering practices. Check out the HIFIS Events page or the HIDA course catalog for upcoming HIFIS courses and events. Course material is available for use and reuse under a Creative Commons License.

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HIFIS offers free-of-charge consulting as a service to research groups under the Helmholtz umbrella. We can help you to deal with specific licensing issues, pointing out solutions on how to improve your software or setting up a new projects. We are also very happy to discuss other software engineering topics such as software engineering process in general. We kindly ask you to fill out a few questions to request a consultation. Request a consultation now!

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Platform and Cloud Services for Research Software Development

We provide a sustainable, well integrated, easy-to-use Technology Infrastructure and Cloud Service Portfolio for scientific software. For an overview, have a look at our Cloud Services Portal.

We offer the Helmholtz Codebase to all Helmholtz, disregarding the centre affiliation. A feature overview is available here.

In addition, a chat service to foster team communication is available for all of Helmholtz.

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We build and foster communities to support the necessary cultural change in science when dealing with research software. To support findability and reusability of research software, we established a Helmholtz-wide Research Software Directory (RSD). The Helmholtz RSD is accessible under

In addition, we implement the Helmholtz Software Spotlights as the public face of the Helmholtz Network for Research Software Engineering. The collection is intended to become a “flagship” of the Helmholtz Association for research software that appeals equally to research, citizens, industry and politics.

All details are available on the Community page.

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Queries, comments and suggestions

If you have suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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