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HIFIS Homepages unified

The HIFIS pages have been re-united! Yay! After some time of living separately, the former and homepages have been merged to one, as they should be. All HIFIS services - covering software, cloud, backbone and overarching services, are now being presented on one unified page. Check it out!

Announcing the HIFIS Event Management Service

Last year we introduced a rough-and-ready solution to offer event management solutions via Indico. Now we can finally introduce you to the shiny new HIFIS Events service with Helmholtz AAI connectivity.

Results of the first Software Survey

Data from 467 respondents of the HIFIS Survey 2020 were analyzed to give an overview of research software developers at Helmholtz and their day-to-day work. While software development plays a crucial role in all six research domains, only about half of the respondents are satisfied with the support at their centers. Results of this survey will help us to better understand how HIFIS Software Services could improve this situation.

Support of multiple namespaces in entitlement

The Helmholtz AAI supports the usage of multiple namespaces in entitlements. For now, VO membership information can be created using different namespaces.