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Join the Helmholtz GPU Hackathon!

Join the 2023 _Helmholtz GPU Hackathon_ and give your research software project a performance boost with the help of experienced mentors.

HIFIS has a Zenodo Community

HIFIS-related documents on the Zenodo repository can now be included in our Zenodo Community. Please add yours!

Happy holidays and all the best to you!

We would like to thank all our users, partners and friends for a great cooperation over the last year. We are looking forward to set new milestones and master new challenges together. But for now, we wish you all happy holidays and all the best to you in the year to come!

HIFIS Evaluation: First feedback (updated)

After three years of ramp-up, HIFIS underwent a thorough evaluation by an international expert commitee. Now, the final results are here: As already indicated, we got a very positive feedback and recommendations to continue our work.

HIFIS at the EuSSI training bazar

Together with the sister platforms HIDA and Helmholtz AI, HIFIS presented itself on the first EuSSI training bazar — an international event to network with European scientific software training initiatives.

HIFIS Post Review Meeting

As we could invite neither all HIFIS team members nor all stakeholders to the main review event, we organised an online Post Review Meeting on Friday, 18 November 2022 to keep everyone informed.