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We welcome 10.000 Helmholtz AAI Users!

By mid July 2022, we reached 10.000 user registrations in the central instance of the Helmholtz AAI. A good reason to celebrate the success we achieved!

Helmholtz AI needs YOU for their survey!

We would be extremely grateful for your participation in the Helmholtz AI community survey 2022! Helmholtz AI has put together a survey to help them determine how they can better serve you, the users.

Register for the Incubator Summer Academy

Registry for the Incubator Summer Academy has opened. Discover workshops from beginner to expert level, a data challenge, lectures and more.

HIFIS supports PUNCH4NFDI (updated)

In August 2021, HIFIS started to support PUNCH4NFDI by adapting the Helmholtz AAI to their requirements. Since then, the HIFIS-support for PUNCH4NFDI has been growing into providing an initial set of collaborative tools which can be accessed through the AAI.

Call for Abstracts for TEACH 2 is open

The second installment of the TEACH event is going to take place 9 November, 2022, in an online format. The Call for Abstracts is open now.

Recap: Workshop on RSE and FAIR at SE2022

The workshop "Let's talk FAIR for research software" looked into current practises in RSE and the relation to the FAIR Principles.