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DESY Sync & Share service available to Helmholtz

DESY contributes its Sync & Share Service to the Helmholtz Cloud, for usage by Helmholtz and collaborators! The service, based on Nextcloud Enterprise, is an online storage service, to get easy and fast access to all of your stored data.

Helmholtz AAI supports PUNCH4NFDI

The Helmholtz AAI supports PUNCH4NFDI by providing AAI components. This offers a working solution on a strongly connected AAI, which follows already the recommendations and guidelines for participating in the EOSC.

The Earth and Environment DataHub use nubes

The Earth and Environment DataHub was one of the first project groups to use nubes as a sync+share service of the Helmholtz Cloud. Since then, the number of user groups has been growing steadily.

Easy Diagram creation in Gitlab

Recently, the Helmholtz-wide software development platform (Gitlab) has been extended with the ability to create diagrams from textual descriptions. This post will help you getting started with this new feature.