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The Mission

A Great Discovery

During one of our recent space explorations, we have discovered the existence of non-sentient alien lifeforms! Our mission team has already made some initial observations about their behaviour.

Initial Observations

All time is measured in (earth) days.

  • Each day they gather in groups of seven to feed and reproduce
  • Excess individuals can not form a group.
    • Any population with less than seven members therefore can not sustain itself.
  • At the beginning of the day, each individual eats 0.25 kg of food.
  • Afterwards, they will produce three offspring per group per day if excess food is available.
  • If the food is insufficient, two of the group will perish each day.
  • The rates of population change seem not to be influenced by the amount of food surplus or shortage
  • At the end of a day these groups get dissolved, and the next day starts with new groups of seven again.

Your Mission

Our task is to build a growth model simulation that can predict the population of our new (hopefully) friends from a given population and static food supply.