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A Random DNA Sequence

Apologies to all biologists for the extreme simplifications of how DNA works.

Creating a Sequence

Generate a random DNA-like sequence made up of the symbols A, C, G, T. The sequence should be 10.000 (ten thousand) characters long.

Extracting Triplets

Split up the sequence into triplets (i.e. sequences with three characters) store all those triplets in a list. If some characters get left over, they can be discarded.

Finding the Good Parts

Go through the list of triplets. If you encounter the triplet AAA all following triplets go into a separate list (let’s say they form the basis for valid genes) until you either encounter AAA again, starting a new list or until you reach the triplet TTT. If the list of triplets ends before a gene-list is completed, that gene is discarded.

No gene-list should contain the AAA or TTT triplets.

Print the amount of found gene-lists, the lengths of each and the total amount of triplets in all genes.


Check the random module from the Python standard library for a useful function to help you.