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Ping or Pong

Write a program that reads the users’ input once. Depending on the input given, it should do different things:

Input Reaction
ping Output pong
pong Output ping
empty string Do nothing (No Output)
anything else Output That is not Ping-Pong

Consider first what an empty string could mean and how you might check for it.


If you are unsure about the empty string try the following in the REPL:

>>> user_input = input("Hit Enter, nothing else")
>>> user_input

Doing nothing turns out to be harder that it sounds. You have some options to approach this:

  1. Learn about the pass keywoard
  2. Organize your conditions in a way, that the empty string case would end up in the else branch and leave that out.
  3. Consider nesting two conditionals into each other with the outer one checking if whether the input is am empty string.

A whole Match

Put your code inside a loop to run it repeatedly. The loop should end if the user inputs the word stop.