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Workshop - OOP in Python

This is the writeup for a workshop to introduce Object-oriented programming in Python. The contents is divided in episodes and exercises. In the episodes it is pointed out which exercise would be suitable at which stage of progress to keep the learning and storytelling flow.

Audience and Prerequisites

This workshop is intended for learners who have a basic understanding of working with Python like

  • Variables, data types, functions
  • Loops, conditionals

but may not yet have worked with any object-oriented language.

You should be able to work with a Python tool of your choice (e.g. on the command line, via Spyder, Jupyter, Pycharm or any other) and know how to write and run Python modules (i.e. files with Python code in it).


The content is split into thematic episodes which are ordered along a story arc. The episodes point out when to do which exercise.

The exercises themselves are split into Tasks which contain the task to be solved and a code checkpoint with the state of the workshop project before the task to make sure learners start out from the same point.


For any inquiries about this workshop please contact the HIFIS support