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Task 03


This is the state of the project so far

Task 3

The samples we collected in the wild can be analyzed to extract DNA sequences from them.

Task 3a: Add another attribute

Extend the Sample-class by adding an attribute called dna_sequence. Its initial value is None, since we have not run an analysis yet.

Task 3b: Thinking ahead

It is suggested to later store the DNA sequence as a string made up from the letters A, C, G, T for now. Discuss potential advantages and disadvantages of this approach with respect to potential future use cases.

Task 3c: Getting Results

For later use we want a method to pass analysis results into the Sample-class. Write a method take_analysis_result(…), that takes a parameter dna_sequence and passes it on to the attribute with the same name. Further, it also should set the attribute analysis_done to True.