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Task 02


This is the state of the project so far

Task 2

Our Sample class is looking pretty nice, but it is not really doing a lot, is it? In addition to the identifier and the collector let us track if a sample has been analyzed yet.

Task 2a: Add an attribute

Extend the class by an attribute called analysis_done. This attribute shall track whether a sample has already been analyzed. Its value can be either True or False. Of course when the sample is newly registered (i.e. a Sample-instance is created) it has not been analyzed yet.

Task 2b: Include the new attribute in the __str__-method

When printing a Sample-instance, add the text (analyzed) at the end of the output if the sample has been analyzed.

Note: This will likely require you to introduce intermediate steps before you get the final result. There are multiple solutions that are equally possible and valid.