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Task 10

Task 10: More fun with DNA

Task 10a: More Details

DNA is made up from two strands: the template strand and the coding strand. What we have currently stored in our sample is the template strand. The coding strand is the element-wise inverse of the template strand, where

  • A is inverse to T
  • C is inverse to G

so for a template strand AACGGT the coding strand would be TTGCCA.

Add the methods template_strand(self) and coding_strand(self) to the Sample-class. They each return the respective sequence as a string. Do not introduce a new attribute. Bonus: Discuss benefits and drawbacks for introducing a new attribute to store the coding strand.

Task 10b: Cleanup

By now we have strewn a lot of implicit information about how DNA works across all parts of our model. Make suggestions how to clean up our code.

  • Which benefits would you expect from your suggestion?
  • Which model elements would have to be changed and how?