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Task 04


This is the state of the project so far

Task 4: Location, location, location

For our later analysis we should also keep track where a given sample was found. Create a class Location in its own file It has a longitude and a latitude (in degrees) as attributes, which will be provided on instantiation.

Make sure that the input for the location is within to the ranges -90° ≤ latitude ≤ 90° and -180° < longitude ≤ 180°.

A higher / lower value for the latitude shall be clamped to the nearest limit. Example: A latitude of 120° is given and will be clamped to 90°. A latitude of -1000° is given and will be clamped to -90°.

A higher/lower value of the longitude shall be corrected by the formula:

new_longitude = ((longitude - 180) % -360) + 180
Create the methods normalize_latitude(…) and normalize_longitude(…) to perform necessary checks and corrections.