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Task 08


This is the state of the project so far

Task 8: Upgrade

We now equip our laboratory with a new DNA sequencer. The DNA Master 3000 has a few new gimmicks:

  • It produces sequences with a length of 3000.
  • When analyzing, it
    1. Prints the model and serial number (like the 2000-variant)
    2. Prints the sample it is processing
    3. Does the analysis
    4. Outputs a preview with the first 20 bases of the sequence it produced (only if the analysis added a DNA sequence to the sample)
  • This new model has a functionality run_demonstration(…) which acts as if analyzing a sample, but does not actually modify the sample and uses the fixed sequence ACGT repeated 5 times.
  • Unlike the 2000 model it does not always arrive in a clean state

Create a new (sub-) class for this device. From which class should you inherit, if any? Which methods do need to be overridden?